Need an opportunity to study in Australia?

We will assist you to choose quality study options and help you with the full process of studying in Australia from A-Z. We aim to make your studies in Australia enjoyable and fulfilling. We will remain in contact with you while you are in Australia and support you along the way. Your success is our joy!

Australian Education Global Advisors (AEGA)

Is a business dedicated to providing international students with the opportunity to study in Australia.

At AEGA we have committed ourselves to create opportunities for students seeking to achieve their education goals.

We consider students as individuals on a “case by case basis’. This enables us to help them plan learning pathways that are realistic and the most appropriate for them. The world would be a better place if there were more people that enjoyed their career and this is where it starts. Whether you are overseas or already in Australia, our services are designed to fulfil your needs.

A bit about us


Operated and managed by competent professionals. Offers many different courses from partner colleges and universities in Australia. Considers students as individuals on ‘a case to case basis’ based on needs. Able to explain the relevance of course(s) to proposed career paths Directors have lived, studied and worked in Australia for over 11 years and hence understands the student visa compliance requirements. Involved with different multicultural community groups and us, therefore, understand education needs of people from all backgrounds.

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